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There seems to be a great hole in cyberspace. Locating much information about treatment for eating disorders relevant to where I live (New Zealand), has been difficult. I have yet to find a good overview of what the different local treatment facilities are really like - how they operate, who they are, and what approach they take. What is public treatment like versus private, and how much does going private cost? I haven't found any informal accounts of personal experience from my corner of the world at all, and I'd really like to. It may well be out there, but if so, it's buried deep.

The resources I now utilise were mysteriously revealed to me only when I was really in need. It would've been good to have access to more information beforehand. So I am going to piece together the disparate bits of information I've found, do some more research, and put it all here. It might take a while.

Treatment for Eating Disorders in New Zealand

Public (free treatment)

There are three main specialist eating disorder clinics in New Zealand. If you need help, you need to get a referral from your GP, and that will connect you to your "local" (tricky if you're having trouble outside of the main centres...)

  • The Auckland clinic is called REDS phone (09) 623 4650, and it is on the Greenlane Hospital site. They have specialists from all areas on board: Psychotherapists, dieticians, medical doctors and psychiatrists.
  • There is the Christchurch Eating Disorder Service, phone (03) 337 7707. It is located at Princess Margaret Hospital. 

There is also:

Private treatment


Helpful Websites

Oh dear, there is a woeful lack, as far as New Zealand goes! The internet has no borders though, so I'll list good ones from anywhere in the world.

This website: has some good, clear information about the different types of treatment approaches for eating disorders. The clinic is privately run, and has a number of clinicians who specialise in different fields. It's based in Auckland. Each clinician has their fees listed.

Their is EDANZ: This site has a lot of information available in one spot. There's a helpline - 0800 EDANZ. It seems like a great resource for the families of young adults or children with eating disorders. It's geared more towards the caregivers, rather than the sufferer.

MENTOR CONNECT is an international, peer based support programme. The site content is well monitored and positive, so that communications are not triggering. Their goal is to assist those trying to recover. You can hook up with a personal mentor (they are vetted), as well as join in wider group discussions.

To be continued...

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